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Flare igniter

  Vertical Electric Ignition

Description: YPD Flare igniter always work together with poor boy degasser. Through flare line we can burn H2S out to get safe condition.
High quality standard steel material
Compact design and light weight
Connected with H2S poor boy degasser by flare line
Burn H2S and other poisonous gas
High ignition frequency
Strong and durable
Save space, Easy to handle and transfer
No other additional space for harmful gas
Protect drilling site and keep work safe
Burn H2S efficiently and completely



Torch diameter


Igniter height


GDH-2 Igniter voltage


GDH-2 Igniter frequency

100— 1000times/min

YPD Flare igniter is one equipment to burn H2S gas separated out of drilling fluid. It is connected with poor boy degasser by vent line and flare line. When burn the gas out the gas will become common subject without poison or other harmful issues. This provide safe drilling condition and good environment. So we call flame igniter is environment friendly equipment.

 YPD150 Choke Line Igniter


Remote control
24V Safety voltage
Refractory ignition rod
Electric diesel ignition
Gas liquid separation

In oil field drilling, when drilling to high pressure oil and gas layer, if the drilling fluid column pressure is lower than the pressure of oil and gas layer, high pressure hydrocarbon flow will invade the wellbore, and gradually rise to the mouth of the well, so that the top of drilling fluid and form the overflow or kick. The drilling workers will be closed blowout preventer, throttle choke corresponding effective measures. But choke out gas must be ignited burn, otherwise it is mixed with air at a certain ratio might explode, and gas containing H2S will harm to people's life.

YPD150 Choke line igniter is mainly composed of combustion cylinder, the torch head, electronic ignition rod, remote control, control box, cable, pipeline, clip, etc. The combustion tube connected directly at the end of the choke line. The rest of the parts with clamp fixed to the nozzle online.
Need ignition, the remote control transmitter, remote operators rotor of high-energy electron lighter mouth sends out "beep, beep, beep..."And put out the discharge gas ignited by the burning diesel emptying burned.

YPD150 choke line igniter has simple structure, convenient operation, and can be simple to mud liquid gas separation, because it is long distance operation, avoiding the unsafe factors of artificial to close the ignition.
YPD150 Technical Parameters
Oil tank volume: 20L
Flame length: More than 3 meters
Remote-controlled distance: Less than 200 meters
Ignition medium: Diesel
Charging voltage: 220 v / 50 hz
Output high pressure: 2500 v
Dimension: L3400*W700*H1100(mm)
Weight: 500kg

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