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 Product Description
The catwalk could be setup lift height and extension length according to the height of drilling floor and the pipes transmission distance, in order being fit to working condition in different wellsite. This catwalk has a tube transition support to place several tube pipes once and the pipes are delivered automatically.
Available drilling floor: 12ft-22ft
Rated transmission load:500kg
The distance from rotary core to sub drilling floor: 1.8m-4.2m
Operation Period 55s (up30sec down 25sec)
Number of pipes row:4 (89mm tube pipe)
Max.length of workpieces:10.5m
Max.diameter of Pipe: 140mm
Ambient temperature :-20~55°c
Humidity: Less than 90%(+20C)
Main body Overall dimension:10500x1520x1450mm;
Installation area support:10500x3060mm;
Body Weight:5000kg

 Electric control System
Electrical Control System contains Ex-proof control panel, system control panel, PLC Programmable control unit, remote controller, cables, etc. It has a number of protection of over voltage, over current, overheat, overload, electronic spacer and phase failure.
Total power: 15KW, AC380V/50Hz, 24V
Control Mode: Control panel or wireless remote
Max. Working radius of remote: 50m
Ingress protection: ≤IP54 (≤IP55)

 Hydraulic system
Independent hydraulic power skid integrated into hydraulic oil tank, motor and pumps. It is directly driven by AC380V, 15KW explosive-proof motor. The system is impact and easy, as well as be with frame-type shield. Safety valve and pressure gauge is mounted at the outlet of pump station. Electronic magnet valves are used for hydraulic valve system.
Rated Pressure:10MPa Motor power:15kW
Tank Capacity:230 L Media:Hydraulic Oil

1. Intelligent Control, semi-automatic operation. PLC programmable control unit, remote controller and hydraulic system. Three modes: Learning input, semi-auto, manual operation.One buttom control
2. Lift-up and lift-down quickly, high efficient works. The pipe transmission time is about 30 sec from pipe supports to drilling floor, 25 sec for opposite direction.
3. Easy installation and prevent from rollover.
4. Input power of system control panel is 24V, and can be supplied by explosive-proof cabinet of hydraulic power unit placed outside wellsite, as well as external power sources in emergency.
5. Multiple protection. In emergency, the machine can be terminated auto execution through pressing the STOP buttom on remoter or turn off the control panel.

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