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Mud pump Spare parts

 Discharge Filter Assembly

Discharge filter assembly is drilling mud pump hydraulic end row of the exit of the main parts. Discharge filter assembly is composed of a filter assembly, shell assembly and other accessories. Material for ZG35CrMo shell assembly. Screen cover for cast steel casting. Our company can produces F series, 3nb series of various specifications of the discharge mud pump matching filter assembly and its accessories.

 Clamp of Mud Pump

Mud pump clamp assembly is drilling mud pump hydraulic system the main parts, used to connect to the power's intermediate tie rod end system and hydraulic system of the piston rod. Composed of 35 crmo forging processing. Our company can produces F series, 3 nb series of various specifications of the public and imperial clamp assembly.


 Piston Assembly


Mud pump piston adopts polyurethane and nitrile and resin oil resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance, resistance to high temperature and high pressure (tear strength 25 mpa) more naisuanjian corrosion, etc. The piston is suitable for mud do reciprocating motion within the cylinder liner, the service life of 2 0 6 hours.

 Cylinder Head and Valve Cover

Cylinder head, valve cover is the main parts in the drilling mud pump hydraulic end system, the material of 35 crmo. Our company production and processing stone treasure "series of various specifications, cylinder head cover. Good materials, good surface finish. Warmly welcome the masses of customers to negotiate business.

 Valve body Assembly


The valve body assembly is in the drilling mud pump in the hydraulic end system main components, one is one of the biggest parts of slurry pump usage. Our company produces the API6 #, 7 # body assembly process in strict accordance with the drawings, made from 20 crmnti forging processing. With good abrasion resistance. Of valve rubber available ordinary rubber, polyurethane, and my company independent development of high wear-resistant valve rubber, which can effectively enhances the working efficiency of the slurry pump. Our company can produces F series, 3 nb series of various types of mud pump with the valve body assembly. Over a year exports.

 Guide plate

Guide plate is the main accessories, drilling mud pump cross system F500 pump as a guide. Composed of grey iron casting processing. Our company can produce F series, 3 nb series drilling mud pump in a variety of specifications of the guide (guide).

 Plug Board Assembly


Plug Board assembly is F1300/1600 hydraulic drilling pump end system, the main parts, the main material of 45 # steel. Our company can produce F1300/1600 pump with board assembly, the monthly output of more than 200 sets.

 Air chamber assembly


 JA-3 Shear Relief Valve

 Liner of Mud Pump


 Cross Head of Mud Pump


Cross head is a key parts, the mud pump power end cross sliding in the upper and lower guide plate at work, push rod will be to hydraulic power transfer in the middle. Cross head fixed at the end of the middle lever, in the cavity through the crosshead pin attached to the small end of the connecting rod. Cross the materials for the tensile strength is greater than 600 mpa of nodular cast iron, ensure the high strength and abrasion resistance.

 Other parts

• Crossheads And Crosshead Guides
• Module (Fluid Ends)
• Cylinder Heads & Vales Covers
• Gaskets
• Piston Rod and Extension Rod
• Piston Rod Clamp
• Liner Clamp
• Liner Cage
• Threads Rings
• Valve Rings
• Valve Pot Cover
• Valve Guide
• Wear Plate

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